Louse Colgan 2016

Location:  My Sister's Place in Edmonds, WA
Dates: March 12-14, 2016
Cost: $90
Open to: LPS members only (you may send your membership dues with your class fee to join)

This workshop is geared to lacemakers who have basic bobbin lace skills. 
To register, please fill out the form. Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment; use PayPal to send money to treasurer@lacemakers.org, or send a check to the registrar (email for address):

Louise returns for another Milanese class in 2016! Learn how to incorporate color into this delightful lace from Louise, or further advance your Milanese skills.

Early registration is encouraged. The "official" first day of registration is January 1, 2016. All registrations received by that date will be considered to have been received on January 1. If more than 12 registrations are received by the first day of registration, a lottery will be held per LPS Operating Guidelines.