Ulrike Voelcker: Barjac Ombrée

Location: North Hill Community Club, Des Moines, WA
Dates: March 5-8, 2015
Cost: $120 for LPS Members (you may send your membership dues with your class fee to join).

This workshop is geared to bobbin lacemakers whose skills are at the intermediate level or above. 
To register, please fill out the form. Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment; use PayPal to send money to treasurer@lacemakers.org, or send a check to the registrar (email for address):

Sign-up for Ulrike Voelcker March 2015

Below is an excerpt from Eileen's description of the class from the newsletter: 

Ulrike Voelcker is coming to LPS in March 2015 to teach this “new” lace. She has written a book based on a piece of lace she found in Europe. This style of lace has been unknown in the lace world until now, and has been shown to many lace experts, all of whom have never seen it. It has techniques similar to Chantilly and Flanders, but the beautiful gimp is very unusual, being 4 woven strands, rather than the traditional 1 strand which works through lace. [...]

One thing that Ulrike does which I really appreciate is to give you the option to use a thread size you are more comfortable with (aka, I can see what I am doing!) In particular, you can use a larger thread that is easier to see until you understand the construction of the stitches. She has a page of suggested threads and conversion factors for the prickings. If you are going to take the class, I highly recommend using one of the larger threads and enlarged prickings for the first piece. I also recommend that you do NOT use black thread for the first piece. 

The original lace is very light and made with fine thread. The prickings in the book are sized for 4/20 silk, which is VERY fine.
This class is definitely not for the beginner, but if you have a good understanding of basic stitches, can make lace from a working diagram, and want to challenge yourself, this might be the class for you. I will bring my copy of the book to the December meeting, as well as the recommended prickings for the class. Copies of the prickings will not be distributed until you have signed up and paid for the class. They are not all in the book, but as usual, include all the elements in all of the patterns in the book. [...] If you are a fan of Art Nouveau, here is another opportunity to make lace in that art style. As with all of Ulrike’s books, there is limited production. Even if your skills are not yet to the level of this style of lace, this book would make wonderful “eye candy” for your book collection, and one worth considering.