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June 2016

June 25

Are you ready for that next step? Are you ready to challenge yourself? Sally Schoenberg is offering a series of classes at the June – August 2016 LPS monthly meetings on Beginning Binche & Flanders for LPS members! If you understand Cross & Twist, and the fact that a working diagram is the roadmap to most lace patterns, you just might be ready! If you have never done either lace, you might consider the Flanders pieces. Sally is a dedicated lacemaker, an amazing teacher, and a gifted communicator. These lessons are free for LPS members, and should be seriously considered if you want to increase your skills!

If you learn that you love Binche and Flanders, she will be teaching a full 3 day workshop on Binche & Flanders February 10-12, 2017 Watch the LPS newsletter in future months for more details

Here is what Sally has to say about the Program series:

“There are 3 beginning Flanders patterns, 18 pairs each, any size Egyptian cotton. Size 50, 60 or 70 are good choices. The only requirement is a knowledge of crosses and twists. As with traditional Flanders in general, our patterns will start with cut ends plaited a short distance. Each pattern covers only a tiny bit of Flanders and they build on each other with the third one covering inputs and outputs. This is a great opportunity to try Flanders out and see if you like it.

There are also three Binche patterns. The first pattern needs 22 pairs, the second 26 pairs, and the third 31 pairs. Any size thread will work though Egyptian cotton is preferred. Anyone can start either type of lace at any program. Miss the June meeting? No problem, you can start at pattern 1 in July.”