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November 2013

First Bobbin Lace Beginner Lesson

Help the Help table!!! 

This month is our kickoff for the beginner’s lessons. The Help Table needs everyone, who can do any sort of bobbin lace to be available to sit with a beginner or two and assist in guiding a new person through the basic stitches of bobbin lace. I will bring thread kits, printed instructions, some bobbins, pins, and some pillows. If you have extra pillows or bobbins to loan, please put them in your car. 7 pairs of bobbins are needed for each beginner. You will get them back at the end of the lesson. If you are a tatter, please bring extra shuttles and thread to show a beginner the basics of tatting. 

Walk-in new lacemakers are always welcome, but it does help us ensure we have enough equipment ready if you let us know you're coming. Email our Beginner Education Coordinator to let us know!