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September 2016

Christmas Bell in Carrickmacross

Loretta Holzberger will teach a class in traditional Irish Carrickmacross lace done with a needle and thread. She has designed a small Christmas Bell project for learning about the Irish needle lace technique of Carrickmacross.

Layers of fine cotton net and organza are joined by couching a cord along the outlines. Parts of the organza are cut away and parts of the net are embellished with texture stitching. We will have time to begin the couching process, and then learn some filling stitches on a small sampler in class. 

You will need to bring: 

  • a small needle that fits normal sewing thread
  • scissors

Loretta will have all the other supplies provided in a kit for $1.00. She needs to know ahead how many people wish to participate so she can make up kits! Email her before September 21st if you wish to have a kit prepared: Loretta Holzberger