Demonstration Resources

Demonstrators: Be sure to record your demonstration hours!

The LPS Have-a-Go pillow is available to check out from the library. This large pillow has bobbins wound and patterns for small fish ready-to-go for up to four visitors at a time, plus a notebook with instructions, stitch diagrams, and suggestions. 

The little fish pattern is suitable for adults or children, and is fast enough for a "make and take".  You can download the files with patterns, instructions, and supporting information, to use with your own pillow and bobbins.

Have-a-go_fish_demo_kit.pdf — Patterns, instructions, diagrams, and suggestions to help you use the fish pattern for a have-a-go pillow for demonstration visitors.

Lacemakers website url QR code.pdf — Download, print, and display to help smartphone users find our website.

LPS_Avery-Business Card-8371_back.pdf — QR code on back of card.  Prints on Avery label #8371

LPS_Avery-Business Card-8371_front.pdf — prints on Avery label #8371. Front of card

LPS Brochure 2024 — Download & print double-sided, landscape/flip on short edge. 

LPS Lesson Insert 2024Download & print double-sided, landscape/flip on short edge.  Cut into three strips.