LPS Classes

The LPS Education Committee has announced the following upcoming classes. Click the name of the class for more details.

To register for an LPS-sponsored class or workshop, you must be a member of LPS. If you are not currently a member, you may include your membership fee with your class registration.

Watch your LPS Newsletter for a registration coupon, or use the sign-up form on the class page. If you are not currently a member of LPS, but would like to join and register for one of these classes, please contact the Education Committee Chair for information.

Upcoming Classes:

Kumiko Nakazaki Workshop August 31–September 3, 2022 in West Seattle

Kumiko has taught workshops for LPS several times and has a wealth of information to share. She primarily teaches Binche, Flanders and Duchesse, but has also taught Binche Design and Rosaline. The cost for this 4-day workshop at the Fauntleroy Church in West Seattle is $200, still quite a bargain! Contact LPS Education Chair, Eileen Collins, for signup information.

The only requirement for this workshop is that you have sound basic bobbin lace skills. You should know all the basic stitches and be able to read and understand a working diagram. If you have ever thought about making Binche, Flanders or Duchesse, this is a great time to try it. Kumiko has a lot of small designs to start you out. You will need a good-sized pillow and, depending on the size of your pattern, lots of bobbins.

All attendees must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. At this point, we will be requiring masks to be worn during the workshop. If you are showing signs of Covid, you will be asked to not attend, and your payments for days missed will be refunded. Windows will be open for ventilation.